A Passion for Natural Beauty

Aviesia Organics has created quite the stir in the skincare markets. After years of research and development, Aviesia is excited to launch the North American debut of her new revolutionary antiaging skin care line. Not only is Aviesia Organic Skincare free of toxic preservatives and petro-chemicals, it also uses new advanced technology by extracting bio-actives directly from the cellular level, offering the full benefits of the plant or fruit without compromise to the bio-matrix.


Aviesia and Davidson Plums

Aviesia Organics Skincare products has discovered the benefits of Davidson Plum. This illusive plum contains several of nature’s most potent antioxidants. It is known that antioxidants are essential in protecting the skin from ‘free-radical’ damage, creating firmness and elasticity in the skin, resulting in diminished fine lines, wrinkles and glowing skin.

Davidson Plum in skin care products is sure to become one of the leading new ‘super fruit’ ingredients trends in the skin care industry. Davidson Plum is found growing wild in the Australian rainforest. It is a dark blue plum loaded with extreme antioxidants, far superior to the common antioxidants presently on the market.

The Davidson Plum contains:

  • FLAVONOID ANTHOCYANIN, which offers one of the most potent anti-inflammatory effects to the skin resulting in reduced fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known to improve collagen and elasticity to the skin.
  • PHENOLIC ACIDS, rich in antioxidants much stronger than vitamin E, anti-inflammatory properties and strong antimicrobial properties.
  • FLAVONE GLYCOSIDES, known a strong antioxidantthat help stabilize and intensify vitamin C. Glycosides are believed to strengthen capillaries and help reduce dark circles under the eyes. The anti-inflammatory qualities of the glycosides can aid in the reduced puffiness under the eye.
  • FLAVONONE, believed to be a key antioxidant in the protection of free radical damage. Considered an essential nutrient in anti-aging skin care.

USDA Certified Organic Products

Aviesia Organics is a new professional USDA Certified Organic skincare line launching a unique and fresh approach, while offering the benefits the super fruit Davidson Plum. This concept is pure and simple; searching the globe for only the best of the best ingredients.



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